Board Game!

Hey guys! Exciting news for you all! The princesses board game I've been working on will be out really soon! (I'm so thrilled! It has been a wonderful project to work on... And I can not wait to see it rocking in all toyshops!) I can't show you the final pieces yet... But for the time being, here is a little sneak peek of the Sea Princess! Hope you like it! 

Interview with Occhi di Bimbo!

Great news guys! I had the pleasure to do a little interview for the wonderful Occhi di Bimbo site! This italian blog features amazing book reviews, children's toys, and tons of material that relate to the world of childhood! It also has an online shop called Orso Pilota! (Their educational books are breathtaking as well as the -super cute!- toys) It definitely worths a visit! 


Interview with Namaka Magazine!

Last month I had the pleasure to work with the lovelies Sara and Helena, creators of the spanish magazine Namaka. Apart from creating a super fun illustration (I can not show you the final piece yet... But let me tell you it has been a super fun project to work in!) I was invited to do a little interview! (You can read it here!) Thank you so much girls for letting me part of this amazing project! I can not wait to see the final result!